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Why wildfires are destroying so many homes in California

Fast-moving fires in Napa and Sonoma counties fueled by “devil winds” destroyed entire neighborhoods earlier this week, killing dozens . The wind, with gusts registering up to 79 miles per hour, combined with the late night timing and response are two elements of the fires’ deadly pace, but the growth into …

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At least 62 killed in forest fire still raging in Portugal

A huge forest fire raging since Saturday in central Portugal has killed at least 62 people, the government said on Sunday, in what is possibly the deadliest-ever forest blaze in the Atlantic coastal country, used to the woods burning almost every summer. “The dimension of this fire was such that …

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Chinese attitudes towards gay rights

WHEN Taiwan’s highest court ruled on May 24th that marriage should not be limited to a man and a woman and ordered parliament either to change the law or award marriage rights to gay couples within two years, the official media over the strait in China reacted with a barely …

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